George & Sue Schneckenburger - Cuiahoga Falls, OH (02/11 - 02/18/2015) We made all of our arrangements on the Internet and only hoped - luck was surely with us this time. Our fist visit to Hawaii and how perfect it was. The garden studio has everything, so well equipped, we wanted for nothing. Our favorite thing was our own garden and table and chairs to eat our breakfast and have our wine. Waking up to the birds singing; Nini and Rick had all of the little details, live plants, dishes by the bed for jewelry, etc., all of the suggestions in the big white book, etc., etc., and so clean.
Thank you - we loved it! Thanks also for the muffins, juice, coffee and pineapple.

Laura & Mike Jackson - Roswell, GA (01/26 - 02/01/2015) Dear Nini & Rick, We love our little bungalow! I've always wanted to stay here in Laniklai and it was so much better than we had anticipated. You were both very gracious hosts. I hope it won't be as may years as the last time it took us to come back! Mahalo nui loa-

Bruce & Jane Ingram - Lake Cowichan, BC (01/06 - 01/18/2015) Dear Nini & Rick, thank you again for another wonderful stay. Feeling rested, rejuvenated and ready for a busy year ahead. Again, may thanks for your kind hospitality.

John & Stacy Fujiwara - Denver, CO (12/31 - 01/06/2015) Dear Nini & Rick, We had another wonderful stay! Thank you so much for your hospitality! John and I love staying here and it is truly a home away from home for us.

Takashi & Rikako Shinonaga - Osaka, Japan (12/08 - 12/13/2014) Dear Nini & Rick, We had a wonderful vacation stay here in the studio, like a home relaxing and everything was beyond expectation! We are sure the experiences we had here cannot be available at any other place. And the beach! It was like being in a dream. We no know why people named the beach "Lanikai". We sure will be back!

Mai Tmanakis - Sunnyvale, CA (11/19 - 11/23/2014) Dear Nini & Rick, The studio cottage was just perfect for my first visit here to Oahu. I feel blessed to have found it and grateful to you both for it truly felt like my home away from home! It's exactly what I was looking for and so happy to know that this little gem exists here in Lanikai. I hope that I will certainly be able to come and visit again! I wish you may blessings and all my best always....

Jeff & Angie - San Diego, CA (11/02 - 11/08/2014) Dear Nini & Rick, We loved the "homey" atmosphere of your rental, and we appreciated that (you) Rick and Nini made yourselves easily accessible for any queries we had while on the island. The luscious garden on the side reminded me of my ancestral home where similar plants grew in abundance. We've enjoyed our vacation on Lanikai Beach; much more love the peace and quiet of this place. We hope to come back and will surely recommend your place to friends and family!

Chiari & Richard - Kamogawa, Japan (04/05 - 04/14/2012) Dear Nini & Rick, thank you so much for a lovely stay here. It was the most amazing time which we will never forget. We are so in love with this place we don't want to leave! We hope to come back (next time with a little one) and look forward to seeing you both again. Thanks again for all you hospitality.

Brad & Lois - Olympia, WA (03/31 - 04/05/2012) Yes, you ordered just the right weather for us to kayak, snorkel, walk the beach and celebrate our 25th. This studio was perfect for us and the ridge-line hike this morning at sunrise capped a most pleasant stay. Rick & Nini, may you prosper for decades to come in your family home, extending hospitality to guests like us! Thanks so much,

Gary & Debbie Laudone - Towanda, PA (03/24 - 03/31/2012) Dear Rick & Nini, We've had a great stay. Thank you for the attention to details, the advice, and your worm hospitality. The hiking, the kayaking, the beach, the dining and the beauty of O'ahu were just great.
Debbie and I can say that we've met Hawaii just as we had hoped. Keep up your ambassadorship Rick! God Bless you!

Judy & Lee Pirani - Cambridge, MA (03/08 - 03/17/2012) We loved your garden studio! So clean and stocked with everything one could need. But more importantly was the peaceful quiet - waking up to the birdsong. I love your back yard and side gardens. Rick & Nini, you made us feel welcomed and we appreciated all you tips. This neighborhood and the nearby beaches are so beautiful. All-in-all a very relaxing time. We felt like we were in our own special world! See you again!

John & Sheri Howard - Fruit Cove, FL (02/23 - 03/06/2012) Rick & Nini, Thank you sooo much!! We had the best time here and we will be back! Though, next time we will bring guests so be ready to rent us upper and lower levels!! The only way we could describe this is that it was a perfect place for our honeymoon!! Mahalo! John & Sheri Howard

Terry & Lorie Miseck - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (02/12 - 02/20/2012) Thank you for all the hospitality Rick and Nini. Is is a beautiful and calm area, we will be sure to tell our friends. Be sure to visit the Valley of the Temples and have some shrimp from a food truck. The Iolani Palace muse be seen. Thanks Again!

John & Stacey Fujiwara - New York, NY (12/23 - 01/03/2012) Your wonderful Garden Studio was such a special find for us. Being a local boy, it never occurred to me that staying right in Lanikai was even possible. Thank you for your opening a new world of experiences for us. Everything was great and your thought of every need we might have. We most certainly will be back. All the best to you and your family for a prosperous 2012! Aloha A Hui Hou

Durand Dace - Tacoma Washington “Aloha Spirit at it's finest” Reviewed December 2, 2011 We are brought up to learn and live the 'Aloha Spirit' as children, and I'm pleased to say it is alive and well in the little quaint neighborhood of Lanikai, located next to the lazy beach town of Kailua on the windward side of Oahu. Highly regarded as having one of the best beaches worldwide, Lanikai is by no means a high activity area; in fact, it is the opposite. It is in Lanikai where Rick and Nini Maxey are the owners of the Lanikai Bed & Breakfast, and it is truly one of Oahu's hidden gems to those who are looking for the Aloha Spirit.

I grew up as a child in Kailua and had the awesome opportunity to bring my girlfriend to see where I spent my childhood and where much of my family still calls home. This was her first trip to Hawaii and I wanted to make it super special. We knew the trip would be short due to our schedules -- five days -- so an Internet search led me to the Lanikai Bed & Breakfast, specifically the Garden Studio. The pictures and videos were the selling point originally, but after talking to Rick on the phone while setting up reservations, I knew I had found the place for us to stay. Rick was warm, affable, and highly interested in what our needs would be, and he answered my questions and was very friendly on the phone. I had a good feeling about this place, and I was right!

We arrived late at night, and Rick had left me detailed instructions as to how to let ourselves in at our convenience and so we would not have to wait on anyone in case our flight was late. We walked into the studio and were greeted with soft lights and music, fresh flowers, and a welcome note on the table. The studio was immaculately clean, and very representative of what we saw online. My girlfriend was immediately impressed, and we quickly unpacked and felt at ease in what would be home for the next five days.

The next morning, we had the pleasure of meeting Rick and we told him of our plans to kayak around Kailua and Lanikai beach, but Rick cautioned us to reschedule due to some rough surf that had come in early that morning. Once he found out we had reservations to rent kayaks, he made a quick phone call and got the reservations changed to another day when the surf would be more placid and forgiving. That, to us, was amazing customer care. Not only did Rick tell us not to go for our safety, but he personally revised our reservations so we could enjoy ourselves on the water another day. Kayaking was one of the highlights my girlfriend wanted to experience, and Rick made sure it happened safely for us. I was impressed to say the least.

Over the course of our stay, we found the Garden Studio to be perfect for our needs. It was clean and well maintained and stocked with everything from boogie boards and beach mats to fresh fruit in the refrigerator. Never once did we feel unnerved or disturbed; it was just that good. Three days into our stay, we decided to stay in for the evening and make dinner. A quick call to Rick on our way home from the North Shore and when we pulled into the driveway, we saw he had the barbecue out front and fired up for us to use. Amazing! Once I was done grilling our shrimp kabobs and fresh pineapple, Rick came out and told me to enjoy my dinner as he cleaned up the grill and put it away. Aloha Spirit at it's finest.

As our vacation came to a close, we were graciously thanked by Rick and Nini for our stay and they spent some time on our last day visiting with us both as we prepared to head for the airport. They were personal, genuine, and friendly as they made sure everything was to our liking. To us, it felt like we weren't just guests of theirs, but more like friends who we'd known longer than five days. Rick and Nini were exactly what we'd expected as proprietors of the bed and breakfast in that they were relaxed, non-intrusive yet available for our needs, and amazingly friendly. We could not have asked for better accommodations and more importantly, better people to have met during our stay.

Is it downtown Waikiki? No. Is it in the heart of the city? Absolutely not. Is it a little niche of heaven on Earth? Why yes, yes it is. If you're in the mood for a relaxing place in what I consider to be one of the most serene spots in all of Hawaii, then look no further than the Lanikai Bed & Breakfast. If it tells you anything, I intend to return to see Rick and Nini on future trips to Hawaii. They're not just folks from whom we rented a place for five days; they're who I would consider friends who know exactly what the Aloha Spirit is. Mahalo nui loa for a wonderful time. You guys are the best!!

Richard & Candace Lamm - Santa Rosa, Ca (11/02 - 11/22/2011) The gentle November rain creates a hush as the clouds darken the sky momentarily. Aloha reigns in our heats as we reflect on pleasant memories accrued these past few weeks on Oahu. Warm tropical breezes caress our faces as we watch our bare feet make imprints along the beach at sunrise and sunset. The sweet scents of plumeria and BBQ'd foods greet our nostrils - e Komo Mai!! Gatherings in homes of dear ones bobbins on the gentle Lanikai surf, turtles observed doing their thing - such and honor to share their home!! Sun, wind, rain, quietness, stillness - absence of usual roles and responsibilities - welcomed. Change of pace - welcomed familiar Hawaii activities, simple, love, laughter, life!! Good music, hula, eats.
Our digs?? Just right for one man requiring Quiet and one woman who appreciates the warm decor, openness and light, we've had everything we've needed and more - "pressed down shaken together and overflowing" that describes our stay at the Lanikai Garden Studio. Thank you Rick & Nini for being such great hosts & maintaining this inviting & unique venue! Hasta Luego

Don & Maria Mackay - Wellington, New Zealand (10/16 - 10/21/2011) Thank you for sharing this idyllic part of Hawaii. We had a wonderful stay. I feel totally relaxed after 5 days on the beach here. Kailua is also a lovely little town with safe options for eating. Thank you for your advise and guidance.

Jennifer & Rick Montenegro - Pacifica, Ca (10/01 - 10/07/2011) Our 3rd Anniversary was lovely thanks to your warm hospitality. The studio was beautiful and serene and the perfect home-away for our travels. We enjoyed running in the morning, and visiting the town in the afternoon. We really felt like locals which was always one of our dreams. Mahalo again and if you ever find yourself in Pacifica, Ca we would love to show you our town.

Liz & Chris Loomis - Kailua, HI (07/13 - 07/19/2011) Chris and I truly enjoyed our stay here in your garden studio. This was a perfect place for us to getaway during our wedding week. Relaxing morning dips at Lanikai Beach really helped us to enjoy this wonderful week. We will have pleasant memories of our stay here for the rest of our life's!

Peggy & Joe Burkhardt - Beckley, WI (June 2011) We enjoyed our short stay and hope to return another time. This is a very peaceful place.

Carole & Gary Chenkin - Eugene, OR (June 2011) Thank you for sharing your lovely garden studio with us. We have a soft spot for the windward side as Carole was born and raised in Kailua. Lanikai reminds us of the quiet Kailua years ago. We appreciate your Hawaiian hospitality and "extras" that you provided to make this a special place.

Kristina Chow - El Sobrante, CA (May 2011) We had a fantastic time in Lanikai and your garden studio was the perfect retreat. We will miss waking up to the singing birds and the ocean breeze blowing through the leaves. We will definitely return to Lanikai and hopefully stay with you again. Mahalo!

Jake & Angela Crocker - Sugar Land, TX (May 2011) Dear Rick & Nini, your garden studio was a fantastic place to stay while on island. I appreciate your hospitality and Angela and I both are thankful for the time spent here. I look forward to future visits here in Lanikai. Mahalo!

Mike & Shari Own-Curtis - Garden Grove, Ca (April 2011) Dear Rick & Nini - We couldn't have picked a better place to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary! This is my 2nd time staying with you and my husbands 1st, and we've decided to stay with you every April at least. Lanikai is my favorite place in the world! Your garden studio was so peaceful and stocked with EVERYTHING we needed, even all we needed for the beach. Thank you & Nini for being the perfect hosts.... Until next year, Mahalo & Aloha!

Chuck & Kathleen Noble - Folsom, Ca (February 2007) Dear Rick & Nini, as you know, we arranged for this stay over the Internet. I had never been to Hawaii before, and knew nothing about the different areas of Oahu. After driving all over the island and seeing the many gorgeous sights, I don't think we could have chosen a better place to stay then in Lanikai, and our charming garden accommodations. Is a lovely place to unwind and just BE. Gorgeous sunrises just across the street, incredible beaches just a few minutes walk away, great markets (we love Foodland!) and eateries close by, but best of all this little haven of light, breezes and tropical beauty. You have a wonderful place here, and we definitely plant to return. Thank you.

Sheila and Terry - Ann Arbor, Michigan (7/14 - 7/17/2006) Terry and I feel very fortunate to have found this wonderful place on this beautiful spot of land. This was the perfect way to end our vacation! We will be sure to tell our friends about Lanikai Garden Studio, dinner at Buzz's was our best meal of the trip.

Risa and Yohei - Tokyo, Japan (7/9 - 7/14/2006) Rick & Nini, thank you very much for providing us such a lovely place. This is the ideal place to spend our summer vacation in Hawaii. Very clean and neat! Also, the Lanikai Beach is the best beach I've ever been to. We'll definitely return here to spend our vacation. See you soon!!

David and Catherine - Mansfield, Massachusetts ( 7/2 - 7/9/2006) Dear Rick & Nini, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us. We had a wonderful time in Lanikai and truly enjoyed our honeymoon. It was a pleasure meeting you and we hope to return someday. Thank you again for your warm hospitality. We wish you both the best!

Cindy and Lisa - Palm Beach, Florida ( 6/20 - 6/26/2006) Rick & Nini, thank you both for your hospitality. Your home is beautiful. The week went by so quick, we wish we had more time. This trip is exactly what we needed. I'm sure we'll be back.

Rob and Lora - Madison, Kansas (6/5 - 6/11/2006) Rick and Nini, Lora and I had such a great honeymoon, what a magical place. We relaxed and unwound, but still enjoyed many activities on the island. From scuba and snorkeling to Pearl Harbor and a luau. We spent time on the beach, in a rain forest and aboard a boat on the open pacific, so many opportunities on Oahu! Thanks so much, we truly enjoyed your hidden garden paradise!

Ryan and Laura - Vancouver, Washington (5/29 - 6/4/2006) Rick & Nini, thanks so much for everything! We had a lovely time in Lanikai! We'll be back soon!

Mike & Marilyn - Kelso, Washington (3/18 - 21/2006) Thank you Nini & Rick for allowing us to discover Hawaii still exists on Oahu. After staying on Waikiki Beach on our first trip 30 years ago, we have avoided staying on Oahu since. But, as so many of your previous guests have written, Lanikai is a very special place where we tourists can have a most relaxing vacation. Your garden studio is wonderful. Our only regret is we couldn't stay longer. But, now that we know about this hidden paradise, we will be back - and for a longer period. Thanks Nini for all the tips, we sure liked the hike up to the two W.W.II pillboxes and lunch at Buzz's was good.

Sylvia and Mike - Las Vegas, Nevada (9/27 - 10/04/2004) Thank you for the most excellent aloha hospitality. It made our vacation and our birthdays we celebrate here very special.

Eddy and Lan - Boca Ratan, Florida (9/22 - 9/27/2004) What a perfect place for a honeymoon! The garden is an absolute paradise. We had a fabulous time and hope to be back again.

Hugh and Nicole Grethar - Steger, Illinois (7/27 - 8/03/2004) Your home is absolutely lovely as, of course, is Lanikai. Everything about the design and layout of the studio is perfect. We particularly loved the private backyard area. Thank you for a wonderful and peaceful stay!

Peter and Mary Madden - Warwick, Road Island (7/15 - 27/2004) We knew from the conversation of 7/14/04 confirming our arrival that the Maxey residence was a warm, hospitable environment. And it is, for sure! What a wonderful respite from the daily pressures of schedules, appointments, meetings, and bells! There can be no better beaches than there are here - anywhere else on the planet - better than Kauai, even! What follows are daily, weekly pleasures that we are sure to remember, savor, and revisit during bleak winter days in New England :

  • The beaches - Lanikai, Waimanalo, Kailua - Surfer watch at Sandy's
  • Flying in over Diamond Head
  • Alaskan king crab legs at Buzz's - Yum!
  • Sunrises over the Mokulua Islands
  • Shopping in Waikiki
  • Assagio's Restaurant - Kailua Town
  • The studio and patio - a home away from home
  • The breezes - natural, and from the fans
  • Shopping the local shops in Kailua
  • The views - from everywhere
  • Boots & Kimo's breakfast
  • Sandwiches from Kalapawai Market
  • Watching windsurfers at far end of Kailua
  • The "Bead It!" Store in Kailua
  • Mary Z's for funky women's clothing
  • The H2O - beach water warm and Bliss

We appreciate your home immensely!!!

Doug and Maren Bell - Berkeley, Ca (6/29 - 7/15/2004) Once again enjoyed all the creatures and plants around us, from lizards and geckoes to that oh so lovely dark red plumeria. Amazing how time flies when all you do is get up, got to the beach, read a book or (2 or 3) and eat. A routine we like to repeat soon.

Elizabeth Roy - Santa Fe, NM (6/1 - 6/6/2004) How quickly things come to an end! Your jewel of Lanikai is Perfect - garden, trees, quiet, and the ocean only a few pleasant steps away. You have created the ideal resting spot on the island....highly unlikely I'll stay anywhere else again!

Kent and Katy Howell - Portland, OR (5/7 - 5/12/2004) Thank you for the quiet, peace, and seclusion. The lush plants and trees and the sound of the birds in the morning gave us a feeling of Hawaii we could never have had staying in Honolulu. I loved the order and symmetry of the yard and patio and the sound of water is, as always, soothing and restful. Thank you also for all the lovely and thoughtful details in the studio, from the flashlight by the bed, to kitchen needs, to the thistled glass in the bathroom. It was a relief to know we had our place here waiting after a day of crowds, noise and traffic in Honolulu. This was more than I could hope for. Our first trip to Hawaii was filled with new sights, sounds and contrasts between ancient and modern. We experienced history and could see the affects of choices made. Thank you for your place of rest at the end of each day.

Keith and Annette DeZwaan - Ypsilanti, MI ( 4/26 - 5/3/2004) Thank you so much for a wonderful stay. This surely beats hotel Living!! We toured the whole island and some areas twice. The water and weather was perfect for our full visit. Special places to visit are the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, the Polynesian Cultural Center and Hanauma Bay Beach Park where we had a great time snorkeling. We enjoyed the food at Couching Lion (North Shore), Buzzy's (Lanikai) and Lucey's (Kailua). We appreciate the slower pace and quiet relaxing atmosphere.

John and Darlene Sherlock - North Vancouver, British Columbia (4/21 - 26/2004) Our first and only cloudy day as we get ready to leave - somehow it makes it a little easier to go, but not much - our time here has been tranquil, full of just being in this beautiful place. The little oasis in back at night, watching falling stars and clouds crossing the moon, morning coffee at the end of the beach trail, even the bird symphony at 6:00 (or earlier!). Dinner last night at Lucy's was superb, the best we found in Kailua (We're going back for lunch...) It was great to stay in a place with such a warm family "vibe" - made our stay even nicer.

Sandra and Tom Irish - Tacoma, WA (4/16 - 4/21/2004) We wish to thank you for a quiet and serene place to come back to each day, especially trying to find our way around Honolulu, what a refuge to get back here. Also each time we called to ask directions or where to go sightseeing or to eat you were always there with great ideas. We will be sure to tell others what a great place to stay.

Stefanie and Kerry Ray - Sugar Land, TX (3/13 - 3/19/2004) Kerry and I loved Kailua and your gorgeous studio! You thought of everything we could possibly need, and made us especially happy by printing an NCAA basketball tourney bracket. Thank you for your attention to detail. The windward coast is by far the most beautiful side of Hawaii and we can't wait to come back.

Gretchen and Rodney - Mendota Heights, MN (2/19 - 2/22/2004) I can't believe it's already time to go. Our stay here has been so nice. Your attention to detail and pride in presentation shines through, and for a couple who's not very picky, we still appreciate when we "have it good"! We wish we could recreate this little oasis back home in Minnesota as a "cabin up north" and find places like this everywhere we travel. This is truly just paradise. Thank you so much for all you've done. What a great host!

Jennifer Elster - Blacksburg, VA (1/4 - 1/9/2004) Great Place! Great Location! Great Time! Privacy and convenience at the same time make this place a wonderful option for spending time on Oahu.

This was Fantastic!

Jacqueline and Dave - Virginia Beach, VA (11/23 - 11/30/2003) This has been a little home away from home which we have enjoyed so much. It's been wonderful to set off on early morning "adventures" and then to have evening cookouts in the privacy of the patio. We have really been able to relax here and thank you both for your hospitality. We'll be sure to recommend "Garden Studio" to our friends in Virginia and family in England!

Tracy and Quinn Donovan - Pittsburgh, PA (11/9 - 11/14/2003) Thanxs for your Aloha hospitality! We truly enjoyed your garden guest cottage and and will make another trip back to the islands very soon! This was Quinn's first visit to Hawaii and he fell in love immediately and now understands me when I talk about me experiences living here 20 years ago.

Rick and Myra Denton - Ipswich, MA (10/29 - 11/3/2003) Note that last guests were from the bay state, also. You are building quite a reputation in the Boston area. What a treat to be here. You are both very special hosts. We love Grizzly, Too! The unit is special and very well cared for. The garden is wonderful, and most relaxing. Thanks for all your kindness. We hope to return again.

Lisa and Jamie Griffith - Jamaica Plain (10/24 - 29/2003) What a wonderful place and a lovely room. Thank you so much. There is good energy here, and I had my best Hawaiian sleeps here with my new husband. Off we go into our life together, but we'll be back again. All the best to you and your family.

Al and Donna Ellicott - Ottawa - Ontario, Canada (9/22 - 24/2003) Awesome Place! Thanks for everything.

Patrick & Debbie, Creston - British Columbia (12/20 - 29/2002) Very pleasant vacation and our very first "Green" Christmas! As well as the fabulous beach & cozy studio this is a walkers paradise. Only 52 minutes walk to Kailua Town, with Buzz's at the half way point! Also, well worth the effort to get on top of the hills behind us. What a view. Thanks to Maxey Family!!

John and Lisa - Sacramento, Ca - (12/03 - 12/12/2002) Dear Rick and Nini. Thanks for a most comfortable and relaxing holiday and a great location. Best wishes.

Marcia Ellicott, Walnut Creek, Ca - (11/16 - 11/25/2002) All the comforts of home in paradise! You have thought of everything. A great place to just relax!