Anne Leppert - Eugene, OR (06/05 - 06/12/2008) What a great experience. My brothers and I grew up in Lanikai in the 50's and 60's so coming back to the sound of the waves lulling us to sleep and reexperiending sunrise over the Mokulua's is so ono. Mahalo Nui Loa and Aloha Oe.

Sharon & Alan Solomon - Manhattan Beach, CA (06/12 - 06/19/08) My husband and I are so appreciative and grateful for our time spent here! After racing to Honolulu to care for our suddenly sick uncle, and then closing up his condo, and arranging everything - how wonderful to come here to relax on the lanai, with an iced coffee and just gaze in amazement at the water. We feel renewed, and ready to rejoin the real world.

Nothing can compare to this view - but we very much appreciated all the amenities - from the fluffy towels, to the artwork every where! We also loved the architecture - it felt very homey.

I'd like to keep this place a secret, just for us, but I know I'll tell family and friends all about it!

With love and great appreciation, Sharon & Alan Solomon

Noriko Nakai - Shibuya-ku, Japan (08/25 - 09/01/08) Thank you so much for arranging the stay for us. Everyone in my group had a great time here in Lanikai and this house defiantly made our stay a special one. We are already thinking of coming back again for next year!!! Can't wait for the next vacation!

We look forward to coming back again in the near future.

Mark, Dan, Brian, Kneil & Jodi "The A Team" - Alexandria, VA (09/06 - 09/12/08) What a wonderful place you have! If we could only bottle up the sound of the waves and take it back to VA! We thoroughly enjoyed our "playground" just outside the back door and each sunrise blessed us! The time here was wonderful. Mahalo!

Tom & Lisa O'Brien, Dennis & Kely Regan - Carlsbad, CA (09/15 - 09/23/08) Love Love Love! Had a wonderful time! House, company, view - Perfect!

Martha Stadler and Phil Pontillo - Montana (10/01 - 10/09/08) 16 years later and it is still as magical as ever! My family and I wondered if we could "go home again" after so many years, and the answer is a resounding yes. Thank you for keeping it the way I remembered it. We have met most of the Long family in the 80's. This house provided my family with a memorable gathering place, not to be forgotten. I am quite sure my siblings and I will be back before too long.

Sig, Helene, Jackie - San Diego, CA (10/18 - 10/27/08) Thanks for making our stay at Lanikai so fun, so peaceful, so rexaxing, so... perfect. The house feels like home. We were up each morning to see the sunrise over the water, which was a great beginning to each of our great days at Longs. Mahalo.